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Shanthiikarmas are vivid, colourful

Origins are important in shanthikarmas. In our hallowed past,
‘Shanthikarma’ was devolved to solve a problem.

Dramatic enactments intertwining the problem were built up with the multi media of the times which encompassed song, dance and representative costumes to incur the blessings of the deities.

Tradlanka today has evolved to solve your marketing communication problems.

We came into being on the Ninth day of November 1988. Although popularly known as ‘Trad’, Tradlanka (Pvt) Ltd., commenced operations with two multi media campaigns – Dot Toffees for Translanka and Arasolo for Anglo Asian Fertilizers. But today Tradlanka Advertising is synonymous with the success of the Bajaj three wheelers. The Bajaj success story is a shining example of the ‘blessings’ that Tradlanka has bestowed on the brand.

From the eighth place in the market rankings to a very close second – That’s another success story. That’s how a Sri Lankan brand together with a Sri Lankan Agency successfully challenged the might of a multinational conglomerate monopoly. Another ‘Blessing’ bestowed by Tradlanka on Maliban Kiri. Our dynamism, resourcefulness and formulation of hard hitting strategies are a case in point in our campaigns for the Development Lotteries Board. Taken on board to handle their premium brands, our campaigns have aggressively taken the product on its route to success.

Although Tradlanka is considered to be most successful in communicating at the grass root stratum, a look at our track record would reveal that we have spoken to the sophisticated and elite segments with ease. Our elegant advertising for Dankotuwa Porcelain, Lankacom and IIT is the proof. So far the ‘Show’ has been so dramatic and exciting. But the best is yet to come.

Our strategic inputs...

Every problem has its own solution. A ‘Shanthikarma’ is undertaken to achieve beneficial results or a problem solving response to a crisis. But before any action is envisaged they investigate and research the cause of the crisis to uncover the cause and determine the nature of the solution.

At Tradlanka too, we tailor make marcom solutions to suit your particular problem.

Strategic and tactical action is contemplated taking into account specific challenges and goals of the brand, current performance, market situation, available time and budget.

Our creative insights...

After the nature of the problem is determined the appropriate ‘Shanthikarma’ yagaya is arrived at. It is here that the talents and creativity of the performers come into being. In consultation with the concerned, the architects of the ‘Shanthikarma’ commence designing the ceremony. Once the strategy is arrived at, it is passed onto the ‘creatives’ for their insights and directions. The whole extravaganza comes to life here.

Creative Directors, Copy Writers, Art Directors, Graphic Designers
contribute to making concepts come alive that hold audiences spellbound.

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